Cummins Gas Generators

CUMMINS High-Performance Lean-Burn Natural Gas Fueled Generator Sets

Visa Energy Supplies the Cummins lean-burn gas fueled generator sets form the heart of our gas-powered solutions. Spanning power ratings of 315 kWe to 2 MWe and capable of running on natural gas and alternative gaseous fuels, the range delivers renowned Cummins reliability, extended maintenance intervals, high fuel efficiency and very low emissions, all from high density and compact power packages. This combination of durability, economy and environmental responsibility makes our lean-burn gas fueled generator sets the first choice for prime and standby power, high-hour peaking and cogeneration sites the world over, regardless of scale or location.

50HZ Cummins Natural Gas Generator Data Sheet (Made in UK & India)

Genset ModelContinuous PowerStandby PowerEngine ModelDisplacement (L) and Cylinder TypeBurn TechnologyElectrical Efficiency(%)Overall dimension (L*W*H)(mm)Weight(kg)Click for Detail Data
C315NFC*315393//QSK1919(L6)Lean Burn36.13500*1300*18004000
C995N5C*9951243//QSK60G-HiE60(V16)Lean Burn41.05120*2320*277014440
C1160N5C*11601450//QSK60G60(16)Lean Burn39.35000*2320*297013924
C1200N5C*12001500//QSK60G60(16)Lean Burn42.05120*2320*277015450
C1400N5C*14001750//QSK60G-HiE60(16)Lean Burn42.55120*2320*277015625
C1540N5C*15401925//QSV91G91.6(18)Lean Burn38.35603*1720*313617057
C1750N5C*17502187//QSV91G91.6(18)Lean Burn39.05921*1720*313619633
C2000N5C*20002500//QSV91G91.6(18)Lean Burn40.96065*2158*277220457
C2200N5C*22002750//QSV91G91.6(18)Lean Burn43.06065*2158*279020457

60HZ Cummins Natural Gas Generator Data Sheet (Made in UK & India)

C334N6C*334417//QSK19G19(L6)Lean Burn36.13500*1300*18004000
C1000N6C*10001250//QSK60G-HiE60(16)Lean Burn43.05120*2320*277014440
C1100N6C*11001375//QSK60G60(16)Lean Burn43.05120*2320*277014440
C1250N6C*12501562//QSK91G91.6(18)Lean Burn37.95603*1720*313617057
C1400N6C*14001750//QSK60G-HiE60(16)Lean Burn41.85120*2320*277015625
C1540N6C*15401925//QSV91G91.6(18)Lean Burn38.35603*1720*313617057
C1750N6C*20002500//QSV91G91.6(18)Lean Burn40.96065*2158*277220457
C2000N6C*22002750//QSV91G91.6(18)Lean Burn43.06065*2158*279020477
1). Low voltage of 380V/400V/415V/440V/480V/690V and High Voltage of 6.3KV/6.6KV/11KV/13.8KV are avaible for option.
2). Above gensets can be coupled with Alternator of Leroy Somer or Stamford or Equal.
3). Special requirements for Soundproof Canopy/Container, ATS, Synchronizing Parallel panels and CHP are available for your options.
4). “*” means Cummins UK,”**” means Cummins India. Other models means assembled by Cummins OEM Partners.
5). Emission:”*” and “**” means NOx<500mg,other models comply USA EPA Standard. 6). Gas Fuel can be CNP, PNG, LNG, Biogas, Oil Associated Gas, Shale Gas, Coalmine Gas. 7). The data herein can vary depending on individual production requirements or due to improved technology.